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We’re 3 Years Old!

January 2014 marks a big milestone for us all here at – we’ve turned 3! We wanted to say massive thank you to all our existing customers, social media followers and most importantly the car rental companies for their on-going support and fantastic offers. This year we plan to overhaul our website content, aiming […]

UFO Hits Air China Plane?!

Baffled flight crash investigators study the scene of what can currently only be explained as collision with a UFO. The  Boeing 757 had to make emergency landing No passengers were injured Air traffic control then spotted six UFOs on their radars before they suddenly disappeared. The Air China jet was forced to make an emergency […]

Hertz voted best Middle East car rental company at Business Traveller Awards

Hetrz cleared up at the Business Middle East Awards Traveller Awards held in Dubai. The award was voted for by consumers. Hertz were nominated for the solely for the car rental category. As a result, the prestigious award now recognises Hertz Middle East as setting the benchmark in premium car rental / hire services for business travellers. Elyes Mrad, Vice […]

Choosing the Perfect Road Trip Companion.

Seeing a country by road is a great way to get in touch with local customs, food, and people. Road trips are one of the best forms of travel, and the freedom that a car gives you is unmatched. However, road travel sometimes involves making the toughest decision you’ll probably ever have to make in […]

Adventure Trips: 3 Lesser Travelled Roads in Australia

Going on an adventure? A road trip might be in your future. Road trips are fun. You get to get away from the house, you can drop the kids off at the sitter (or take them with you), roll down the windows, and just enjoy the fresh air. There’s just one problem: most of the […]

Outback Couple Caught ‘at it’ on Google Street View

The Aussie Outback is vast and generally deserted. Imagine this couples’ surprise when they were caught on camera by the none other than a Google Street View car. Thankfully. On closer inspection you can see that this is in fact a well crafted fake. The man featured is actually drinking a Corona beer. Where further […]

Hertz On Demand™ Car Share Launches in Sydney

Since it started in 2009, we’ve seen the rapid growth of “Car Sharing” across Australia and New Zealand. In November 2012, the first of the car rental giants, Hertz, launches its very own version of Car Sharing in Sydney to begin with. According to the official Hertz press release, the number of car share spaces […]

Hertz Rent2Buy Ex-Rental Cars

Hertz has now expanded its Rent2Buy program to Australia following its renowned success in the US. The program allows the general public to buy an ex-rental car from Hertz for a competitive price. Rent2Buy from Hertz lets you purchase a near-new well-maintained and serviced rental car. All ex-rental car sales include a 90-day, 5000 kilometer limited warranty and full […]

Top 10 Weird Things Found in Rental Cars. Europcar UK [INFOGRAPHIC]

We never really stopped to think about the odd things people might leave behind their rental cars. Most of us have left our wallet or sunglasses behind, but have you ever left an Ammunition case or a pair of handcuff’s behind? Didn’t think so. Well according to Europcar UK, strange objects including the above get left behind […]

Europcar Open New eReady Quick-rental Service

Europcar UK pioneers the companies new eReady fast-track car rental service. The program aims to drastically decrease waiting times at the counter allowing customers to move continue with their journey much faster. The effective “ready service” is currently aimed towards business travelers. first learn of this update via a Europcar Press release issued earlier […]

Why’s Car Insurance So Dam Expensive? [Infographic]

Ever wondered why car insurance is as a expensive as it is? The fact is, if you don’t full car insurance cover you are putting yourself at risk. When renting a car, most of us tend not to take out additional car rental insurance cover – to save a buck or 2. But is it […]

Rental Car Stolen As Renter Cleans at 4:00am – USA

Police in Bradenton, Florida USA are searching for car thieves after they stole a rental car from a man cleaning out a rental car in Bradenton at 4:00am on Sunday morning. Harry Zajlo, who had rented a car, gave the vehicle the Brennen Halbert Saturday afternoon to get the car cleaned out before the vehicle […]

Flight Centre Donates $NZ1Million To Earthquake Appeal

FLIGHT Centre Limited (FLT) will donate $NZ1million to help those affected by the Christchurch earthquake. The company has also increased its guaranteed contribution to Queensland’s Disaster Relief Fund to $AUD3million, a 50% increase on its initial $2million pledge. The donations follow a six-week fundraising campaign that was initiated on January 18, in the aftermath of […]

Thrifty Offers Bargain One-way Car Rental & $9.95 Per Day

Original offer now expired. New offer below: New Thifty Offer: Earn 2000 Velocity points when you signup to Virgin Velocity Rewards & rent a car*. Now expired: We Rate It 5 Out of 5! Thrifty Car Rental is offering you the option to travel from Brisbane to Sydney or Brisbane to Melbourne for just $9.95 […]

Hertz & Etihad Partner in Luxury Car Rental

Etihad Airways has signed a 3 year agreement with car rental giant Hertz to provide integrated land and air transportation which is to be dubbed “AIR TO ROAD luxury travel”. Hertz President Michel Taride said: “I view this exciting alliance between Hertz and Etihad Airways as an opportunity for two world leading brands to join […]

11 Essential Tips When Flying With Children

Flying With Children? You need to know these tips…. Going on Holiday with children soon? It can be really daunting. With that in mind, preparation is key to a stress free flight & holiday. Follow these awesome travel tips when flying with children. 1) Avoid booking a flight that is likely to be full or […]

CODA Electric Rental Cars Are Here! Enterprise Car Rental Lead The Way

Have you heard about CODA Electric Cars? Well if you haven’t, they are cooking up a stir in the USA as CODA claims their cars are the first electric car that can be relied on. So which of the major car rental companies will be the first to offer electric car rental?Enterprise Rent-A-Car confirmed that […]

High AU Dollar Means A Cheaper Holiday In The States

Jet setting off on a holiday to America this summer? Then high Australian dollar is definitely in your favour. A good AUD to USD exchange rate means you’ll be able to buy more, party more & even travel more when you go on holiday to America. Over the past 12 months the Australian dollar saw […]

BMW To Offer Car Rental Accross Their Entire Range

BMW, one of the world leading car manufactures, are to begin offering car rental across their entire range. The luxury car manufacturer is initially going to release the new car hire scheme at the BMW head quarters in Munich. The pilot scheme was developed after extensive research revealed that the average car is stationary for […]

Car Share – Car Rental With A Difference

Do you live in the city and find that owning and running a car is just too expensive? Do you find that you are renting a car more often and its just no longer cost effective? Or, would like to rent a car buy the hour rather than by day? Think Car Share – Think […]

Pressure is on for Car Rental Fairness – ACCC

As mentioned in our previous post, the ACCC is increasing pressure on Australian car rental companies to be upfront & clear about their car rental agreements. The public and the ACCC are now are fed up of car rental companies being incapable of telling the truth about renting a Car in Australia. We let you […]

Paris: Electric Car Sharing Takes Off

The electric Bollore Bluecar has rapidly grown in popularity around the streets of Paris. The small city sized 4 seater, 3-door hatchback cars are now frequently spotted every 15 minutes in built up areas of the city. Currently, these electric cars are rented 4,000 to 5,000 times a week, with highest usage on the weekends. First announced by Autolib in […]

Thrifty adds the Hyundai Veloster to it’s fleet

Keen to try out a new Hyundai Veloster? Maybe your one of those people we recently blogged about who like to try renting the car you are looking to buy. Thrifty recently announced you can now rent a new Hyundai Veloster at key location across Australia from just $65 a day. The sporty 2 Door […]

Top Australian Family Holiday Ideas [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are so many incredible holiday destinations around Australia sometimes its hard to decide where to go next. When travelling with kids its important to into consideration whether the destination will be affordable, fun for the whole family and isn’t too far off the beaten track. In the travel infographic below you will find some […]

Getting to know Devonport Tasmania. Travel Guide.

Tasmania, often the forgotten state of Australia sits just below the mainland and above the wildly notorious Bass Strait. Historically known as Van Diemen’s Land, Tasmania has many wonderful and interesting sites to see, things to do and fascinating history to share. Sitting at the north bow of Tasmania is the city of Devonport – […]

1 In 5 people rent a car they can’t afford to buy.

It came as no shock to us when a new study revealed that 1 in 5 people rent cars that they would otherwise never be able to afford. The independent survey was performed by

Budget Car Rental Coupon Codes

It’s that time of the year again. It’s Budget coupon season! These promotional car rental coupon codes are fresh and valid till March 31st 2012 [Updated 3/3/12]. To use these coupon codes simple copy and paste the code then click through to the Budget Car Hire website. Enjoy. Free Single Car Rental Upgrade Expiry date: 2012-04-31 […]

Car rental insurance excess protection. Avoiding a sting.

If you are on holiday the last thing you want to be doing is worrying. In this travel article explores car hire insurance excess and the options available to protect you against hefty costs in the event of a car accident. Car hire is often a critical component to a break. With a rental […]

Car Rental Prices Surge in Europe as Demand Rockets

Getting the right car hire can often be tricky but this year tourists in Europe are experiencing greater difficulties than before, including larger bills, or no car for hire due to a shortage of vehicles.

Hertz United Arab Emirates Scraps Unlimited Mileage

Hertz United Arab Emirates has scrapped their unlimited mileage scheme after a surge of customers started using Hertz vehicles to travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. As a result, Hertz has now introduced a 4,000kms cap on mileage per month from the start of September 2010. The mileage limit applies only to customers who rent […]

ACCC warns on standard-form contracts – Car Rental Companies

The Australian competition watchdog, the ACCC, is warning airlines, rental car companies and telecommunications firms that retaining now illegal versions of standard-form contracts will land them in court, The Australian Financial Review reports. It is unrealistic to think most car rental consumers have the time to ‘comb’ through small print contracts at the rental desk. […]

Rugby World Cup Boosts Car Rental Spend

The Rugby World Cup finished yesterday & New Zealand car rental companies are reported a 30% increase in bookings as a result of it. Many car rental firms reported a 30% increase within the first ten days of the tournament. New Zealand’s leading car rental companies (such as Avis, Hertz, Europcar & Thrifty) reported the […]

What causes Motorways to jam? [Infographic]

We’ve all been there, happily traveling along the motorway with the Australian sun beating down then bam! A traffic jam appears. Before you know it, the car is boiling hot, the kids are whinging and all you want to do is move. But, ever wondered how the knock-on affect from a traffic incident can end […]

Avis Awarded an Excellence Distinction

Avis Car Rental has been recognised by the Canadian Bar Association for supplier excellence for 2011. Avis Canada was presented with their award which celebrates the Company’s dedication and commitment to supplying an outstanding car rental experience to Canadian Bar Association members for the last 15 years. Quotes from John Hoyles, CEO of Canadian Bar […]

Tourists Get Crazy for the Hong Kong Sevens!

The Rugby World Cup is coming to an end but now is time to secure your seat for all the high octane action and excitement of the 2012 Hong Kong Sevens with Travel Associates. Travellers can get an up close view of some of the world’s most talented players going head to head at the […]

New Zealanders Get A Car Rental Comparison Engine

We launch – New Zealanders all over can now enjoy the cheapest car rental around!

Gang Arrested in the US over Stolen Prestige Rental Cars

The gang consisted of 12 people. Members of the operation frequently rented prestige cars, 4×4′s, SUV’s and other sports cars from unsuspecting car rental companies in Michigan and Ohio.

$8000 Car Rental Bill? Tourist Let Off In Court

Mr Douglas-Denton, a tourist travelling in Australia, was let off an $8000 Europcar rental car bill. Mr Paul Douglas-Denton, aged 60 from, fell victim to vandals where his rental car was damaged severally and deemed un-drivable when left overnight at his hotel in Katherine NT in July 2010. Subsequently, the car rental company Europcar sent […]

Europcar Delivers – No really, they now deliver!

The leader in car hire services in Europe for both leisure and business is about to launch its new freeDeliver service. Customers who hire a car for two days or more will have the option delivery to their door as well as having it collected it when their trip is finished – at no extra […]

Coming To Australia On Holiday? Road Trip When You’re Here! [VIDEO]

People all over the world dream of coming to Australia on holiday at some point in their lifetime. But where would you go when you get here? It’s a tough choice, Australia is massive and their are plenty of places you can enjoy your stay. This video packed with of some of the best highlights […]

Frequent Flyer Points On Car Rental

So you like to travel? Who doesn’t! If you fly a lot you’ll most likely have a frequent flyer rewards card with either Qantas Frequent Flyer or with Virgins Velocity Rewards program. The comparison table below shows you how many frequent flyer points you will get when you rent a car with the relevant car […]

Aussie Travelers Indulge In Love Over Food!

AUSTRALIAN travellers are twice as likely to over indulge in love, than in food on a holiday. Holiday specialist Escape Travel recently conducted a survey that asked more than 8800 travellers which of the seven deadly sins was most depicting of their preferred holiday. From the results, there was no denying that romantic escapes were high […]

Car Share “Controversy” in Sydney’s CBD

Car Share Not Fair? You’ve probably seen “car share” rental cars appearing all over Australia’s capitals. Sydney has the most with Car Share leaders, GoGet, holding a massive 400 cars and almost 9,000 members, a staggering 80% market share. However, with the speed car share service are growing come controversy and criticism from city residents […]

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