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Europcar Car Rental Australia (National)

Europcar car hire is a well established car rental company in Australia with a presence in all capital States. Being in so many handy locations, Europcar make everything easier by having a vast number of car rental depots this making it easier to rent a car and getting on your travels a breeze.

Eurpocar Car Rental Australia

Eurpocar car rental offers a large variety of cars to tailors everybody’s needs, whether it’s a car rental for business, leisure or luxury occasions, Europcar will always have something to suit you. Europcar’s car fleet consists of economy cars, family sedans, station wagons and even a fleet of rental vans.

As an added bonus Eurpocar car rental are well know for their spectacular deals of 30 – 50 % off all rentals when hired for 3 days or more – These offers are frequently available and will be posted on as and when they are available.

Are you a Virgin Velocity frequent flyer member? Well you can now earn extra velocity points when you rent a car, van or UTE exclusively available to Europcar.

Get the best deal here at, so let us do the hard work for you by comparing Eurpocar with all of Australia’s other most commonly used car rental companies. This will give you piece of mind that you truly do have the best deal with everything that you need to make your rental as comfortable as possible. So take a look now and we will see what special offers Europcar is currently offering.

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Before you rent a car with Eurpocar, why not read the Europcar reviews below? If you have used Europcar recently, consider leaving a consumer review below using our review form.

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If you need a rental go elsewhere!!!!!!!

Feb 17, 2012 by LisaK

I booked a truck and a gps on the Europcar website. When I got there they informed me that most of the Europcar's don't rent out gps devices as customers steal them. Why was I allowed to book one then???
I asked if I could borrow a Melways. The said I could get one but I would have to drive into the city to pick it up. Well I just didn't have the time to do that because I was collecting furniture that day and I had a deadline. I was forced to take citilink only to save myself 10 minutes after stopping for directions. If the gap was there I could have gone the slightly longer but cheaper way. They also forgot the blankets I asked for so I had to buy some. The furniture got wet as there was a leak in the back of the truck. Not having the gsp meant we got lost throughout the day. This meant a lot more petrol was used and I had to go back via east link because after getting lost the person I was with was then running late for work.
To top it off after I had paid for the citilink and easy link passes I was then charged once again by Europcar. Europcar did not contact me, they just charged my credit card and even worse then told citilink to bill me. What????? So why would Europcar take the money for the passes out of my account but then not pass it on to Citilink. Basically this meant that I was being charged 3 times.. and it would have been good customer service if they had told me the cost of truck passes are a lot more than for a car but I would never expect Europcar to go above & beyond.
I rang Europcar and the responsibility of sorting this out was placed on me. They had no trouble contacting citilink when they were after money.
Europcar's customer service is nearly the worst I have come across.

William Street Sydney is Cheap As

Oct 17, 2011 by Carol Hitzelburger

I live in Sydney, I always use the Kings Cross branch instead of the Darling Harbour one - its usually much cheaper (no premium location fees...). Service is generally ok. , 4.0 5.0 2 2 I booked a truck and a gps on the Europcar website. When I got there they informed me that most of the Europcar's don't rent out gps devices as customers steal them. Why was I allo
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