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Car rental insurance excess protection. Avoiding a sting.

If you are on holiday the last thing you want to be doing is worrying. In this travel article explores car hire insurance excess and the options available to protect you against hefty costs in the event of a car accident.

Car hire is often a critical component to a break. With a rental car comes a rental agreement. This often includes an expensive car insurance  excesses fee. In some cases car rental excess can be as much as $4000.00 and sometimes even more if you are renting a prestige car. In the event of an accident in a rent car, more often than not the insruance excess is payable regardless whether you are at fault or not.

So how do you reduce your car hire insurance liability?

When it comes car hire we know our stuff! Our team of researchers reckon these 3 tips are your best bet for reducing car rental insurance excess & liability.

1.Take out travel insurance that includes car hire excess cover.

Travel insurance is something most of us consider when travelling abroad. But many take out a travel insurance policy which is doesn’t include car rental excess protection as standard. For many Australians, travel insurance isn’t even considered when renting a car within Australia.

1cover Travel Insurance

We recommend you take out a travel insurance policy with 1cover. They are extremely well rated and offer exceptional value for money – travel insurance cover starts from $30. If you are travelling domestically then 1cover will protect you for the important things that you need. These include cancellation costs, your baggage and even car hire excess.
Visitors coming to Australia:

If you are travelling domestically then 1cover will also protect you for the important things that you need. These include cancellation costs and your baggage and even car hire excess.

2. Take out reduced excess.

Reduced car rental insurance excess cover is offered by all car rental companies in Australia and is usually charge at daily rate – this is totally normal. Excess reduction is usually in 2 or stages typically: 100% excess waver, 70% excess waver and 30% excess waver. Our car hire comparison form includes the option to reduce your car rental excess at step 3 at varying levels of reduction.

3. Scout for excess reducing car rental coupon.

This is one of our favourite ways of saving you money on car rental excess. The only trouble is, it’s not always available. Sometimes you there are coupons available that reduce some of the initial excess by as much as 50%/ However you’ll have to get your Google search goggles on – tracking these down can be extremely difficult.

In summary, your best bet is to get travel insurance with car rental cover. Why? Not only does it protect your car cover – but holiday / trip is covered to – which is much more value for money right?

Your feedback on; Car rental insurance excess protection. Avoiding a sting.

  1. Michael Broothwood says:

    I found an awesome coupon once for Europcar. It got us 20% of the rental and reduced the excess to $700 from $2900! Bargain! Still, that travel insurance is a good way to go about protection.

  2. Charlotte Mohaghan says:

    This is a great idea. I didn’t know you could get travel insurance to protect you against car rental excess. Often I get really worried about renting cars because of a 1 or 2 grand sting if I ding :)

    • Phil says:

      Hey don’t worry about car rental excess, it’s needless stress. Just ensure you have the right level of cover. Or better still take out proper travel insurance. Hope this helps.

  3. Good tips guys, I never knew that you could travel insurance to cover car rental excess. thanks Craig.

  4. Morgan says:

    Our pleasure. We know how concerning the cost of car rental insurance excess can be.

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